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Unique Corporate Gifting with SA Gift Market

Updated: Apr 20

At SA Gift Market, we believe in transforming the art of corporate gifting into an unforgettable experience. Founded on the principle of innovation and creativity, we specialize in offering unique and distinctive corporate gifts that leave a lasting impression.

Our journey began with a passion for redefining the traditional approach to corporate gifting. Recognizing the importance of meaningful gestures in building and nurturing professional relationships, we set out to curate a collection of corporate gifts that inspire, delight, and resonate with all companies.

Please contact us for a quotation, we can discuss your needs, deadline and delivery details.

Corporate gifts honey
Corporate gifts SOuth Africa

Honey Gift

50ml glass jar with pure honey with custom label (Gold or Black lid)

R45 each

Corporate gift popcorn
Corporate gifts South Africa

Popcorn Gift

85g Microwave popcorn with custom label

R40 each

Promotional Wine Gifts

House Wine blend - Dry White / Semi Sweet / Rose / Dry Red Wine

Al prices include custom design and branding

  • Wine box with wine (custom wine label) - R 170.00 each

  • Wine box only - R80.00

  • Wine box with clear acrylic lid and wine (custom wine label) - R 185.00 each

  • Wine box with clear acrylic lid (box only) - R95.00

  • Double Wine box with wine (custom wine label) - R400.00

  • Double Wine box with clear acrylic lid and wine (custom wine label) - R435.00

Email us for a quotation on quantities, orders larger than 25 units are quoted per item.

Wooden Organizer / Docking Station

Wooden organizer with custom engraving - R320.00

Promotional Cookie Jar

Glass Jar and custom wooden engraved lid with oatmeal cookies - R110.00

Pocket Knife

  • Pocket Knife wit custom branding and cotton bag (branding incl.) - R 200.00

  • Pocket Knife wit custom branding and wooden box (branding incl.) - R 225.00

Bamboo Pen

This bamboo pen and case can be personalized with a deep laser engraved personalized name, words or logo. Makes a great business gift for anyone. - R240.00


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